Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The question asked is "Create a blog post discussing how any of the technologies explored thus far in the course can be incorporated into your current or future career"
I see a future with my work and google docs. This really is useful, when one or more people are using and revising a single document. The time saved and aggravation of downloading, saving and sending only to be repeated again is amazing.
I like the use of blogs. I see myself setting up a blog with my students for updates and important events that will or are happening in the class portion of athletics.
I like the reader I have set up. It gives me information that I can share with other subscribers in the same industry. It can be useful for each of us.
A flicker account might be a fun way for the team to post their pictures of trips we go on or fun outings or the matches and people we encounter. It may be a good way to have the team learn about each other. On our team, we usually have players from different countries, this could be used as a way to introduce a new culture.


  1. I agree with you that Google docs being something I envision myself using. So many possibilities within the classroom and coaching world.
    I like your idea of using blogs with students. We actually had an in-service today about using blogs within the class. The purpose was to get teachers to use more technology in the classroom. I immediately thought about what are learning in this class.
    Flickr would be very cool to have for a team to post their pictures. Players always want to see themselves in action and what a better way. Good post -- Ernie

  2. Yes, Google Docs is and will be a really good asset to incorporate especially in the school setting. With Google Docs like you mentioned, no more hassle downloading, saving, and sending.
    Good idea of using blogs with your students and athletes. Students and athletes can never be informed enough especially if there’s a last minute change in game/practice schedule or in the classroom.
    The RSS Feeds I can see being very useful with you colleagues, as well as in your profession in terms of sharing ideas or findings that one may discover in the RSS Feeds.
    Flickr, is/will be a great way for players to interact with one another. Like you said this will provide a pivotal opportunity for other players to examine and explore the different types of cultures that players experience in their own countries. Good post!-Michael