Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The question asked is "Create a blog post discussing how any of the technologies explored thus far in the course can be incorporated into your current or future career"
I see a future with my work and google docs. This really is useful, when one or more people are using and revising a single document. The time saved and aggravation of downloading, saving and sending only to be repeated again is amazing.
I like the use of blogs. I see myself setting up a blog with my students for updates and important events that will or are happening in the class portion of athletics.
I like the reader I have set up. It gives me information that I can share with other subscribers in the same industry. It can be useful for each of us.
A flicker account might be a fun way for the team to post their pictures of trips we go on or fun outings or the matches and people we encounter. It may be a good way to have the team learn about each other. On our team, we usually have players from different countries, this could be used as a way to introduce a new culture.
I was looking on the 2.0 awards and I found a site called "im cooked" I really enjoyed watching some of the video's. You can cook, film, and share right on this site. Amazing. I want to try some of the recipes. yummy....
I just learned about Google-docs. Whew... amazing. It reminds me of an instance with my athletic office this past month. We were trying to get the tennis schedule set for the women's team. We must have emailed back and forth with that document 3 or 4 times. I had to download it, make the changes, save it, attach it, then send it off. She would make changes and do it again, it was a very cumbersome task. Next season will be really simple, I think the entire project will take about 10 minutes, instead of 2 days. I also downloaded a calendar in google docs. I like the extra large spaces to add in text of things coming up and things to remember. I think this is a great assignment.
Rss-The video was amazing and so simple to understand. I went right to work and did not have any problems creating my reader. I searched for news feeds that I was interested in and subscribed to the website. I then put my feeds in separate folders so I can access what I want quickly. I set myself to public and hope my classmates can see my shared items. I especially like that I can now get the news I want, I do not have to search for news items I am interested in, it comes to me. I like the new recipes that have come in, gives good information for dinner. I will enjoy this reader, I am sure of that.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emerging Technologies Changing Public Library Service Delivery Models article-
I found this article extremely interesting. It was well done and included information and explained all the avenues of social networking that I have had quesitons about. It also went on the explain what libriaries in the future will look like. I like that we are moving into the networking world and enjoy how it all comes together and works so well.
Examining Social Software in Teacher Education article-
Interesting anecdote about the teacher and the student. Facebook can give an instructor additional information about a students activities. This can facilitate the instructor in helping the student overcome obstacles and have a successful career in College. With the "inside information" an instructor or administrator can use this as a learning enviroment for all.
Social Networking Article-
I found choices for social networking overwhelming. So many sites, so many choices. I like that Google has begun to standardize the social networking movement. OpenSocial will allow a user to create a single application they can use across the board.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Check out my new flickr account you won't believe the pictures. It's all abou the fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

ESPN has announced the world women's tennis rankings for the week. They are as follows number 1 to 5:
Serena Williams
Dinara Safina
Sventlana Kutznetsova
Carolina Wozaniacki
Elena Dementieva
Venus Williams
Although Serena is clearly a source to be reckoned with, she is not a sport icon I want my students to emulate

A new chapter begins today. The beginning of the end of my academic career. The Master's Degree that I have spent a lifetime wanting. It will be mine in 15 months. And away we go....