Monday, January 11, 2010

ESPN has announced the world women's tennis rankings for the week. They are as follows number 1 to 5:
Serena Williams
Dinara Safina
Sventlana Kutznetsova
Carolina Wozaniacki
Elena Dementieva
Venus Williams
Although Serena is clearly a source to be reckoned with, she is not a sport icon I want my students to emulate


  1. I agree Serena Williams is not a player I would have young people emulate. A better choice would be Kim Clisters. She is a sportsman, competitive,gracious player and conducts herself like an athelete should on and off the court. On the Mens side Roger Fedderer would be my choice. Both are true champions.

  2. Yes I agree with you about that. It is too bad that Serena has to be so hostile to the sport. Thank you for your comments